The circus is a grand community of joy peddlers and dream makers. We’re a milieu of language and culture that merges into one language and one culture – circus. It is a life long fraternity for those of us privileged to be apart of its ranks. It is more than entertainment or a means of employment, it’s a life. Circus, as so many of you know extends beyond the arena, stage, and tent – it’s unique brand of fun, skill, laughter, and charity frequents the lives of the less fortunate. For over 40 years Big Apple Circus has been a beacon of artistic achievement and charity. Few realize that this marvel of an institution, like so many, such as the Metropolitan Opera and even the NFL (National Football League)is in fact, a non-for-profit company. Thus, it is sustained by the generosity of people like you. More than ever this great organization needs you and yours. Kindly join us and help this legendary circus continue its remarkable mission of entertainment and charity for years to come. Simply click the link Save Big Apple Circus,¬†give what you can and spread the word!