It is odd to think of a ringmaster as
a circus star, but the talented Iverson
has redefined his role...
- Clive Barnes
He's got what it takes! - the legendary Lena Horne Tall and self assured... he works a
crowd like a three ring evangelist.
- The Times-Picayune
The instant he appears out of the
darkness and into the spotlight...
the audience is rapt.
- Ebony magazine
Now imagine mesmerizing the crowd
with a powerful voice and the bearing
of a superstar.
- San Francisco Examiner

Johnathan Lee Iverson Appears On KTLA with Olivia de Bartoli for Circus Vargas

Johnathan Lee Iverson from Circus Vargas Presents “Bonjour Paris!” on KTLA Olivia de Bortoli and Sponsored by: Circus Vargas 13 hours ago For more information on Circus Vargas visit their website or follow them on Instagram. This will segment aired on LA Unscripted on May 8, 2023. This segment is sponsored by Circus Vargas. Categories:…
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