It is odd to think of a ringmaster as
a circus star, but the talented Iverson
has redefined his role...
- Clive Barnes
He's got what it takes! - the legendary Lena Horne Tall and self assured... he works a
crowd like a three ring evangelist.
- The Times-Picayune
The instant he appears out of the
darkness and into the spotlight...
the audience is rapt.
- Ebony magazine
Now imagine mesmerizing the crowd
with a powerful voice and the bearing
of a superstar.
- San Francisco Examiner

Omnium Circus to Make Its Live World Premiere Under The Big Top At Tysons III

Omnium Circus to Make Its Live World Premiere Under The Big Top At Tysons III Audiences will be wowed by incredible performers who have each overcome their own challenges in life to make their dreams come true. by Chloe Rabinowitz  Sep. 17, 2021                  Omnium Circus will debut its live show under the…
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‘Crazy for Gershwin’ a crazy good time | Review – Orlando Sentinel

By MATTHEW J. PALM ORLANDO SENTINEL THEATER CRITIC | AUG 14, 2021 AT 5:00 AM “Crazy for Gershwin” is a homegrown production; the salute to the incomparable songwriting brothers was conceived by the Winter Park Playhouse’s Roy Alan, Christopher Leavy and Todd Allen Long. So maybe that’s why everything about the show just feels so right for the Playhouse.…
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Boom Goddess Radio Welcomes Johnathan Lee Iverson

This week we celebrate Independence Day (July 4th) by discussing one of America’s most beloved cultural experiences – the circus! Our guest this week is Jonathan Lee Iverson, who served as the most recent (and last) ringmaster of the Ringling Bros. and Barney & Bailey Circus from 1998 to 2017. Iverson also made history during…
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