It is odd to think of a ringmaster as
a circus star, but the talented Iverson
has redefined his role...
- Clive Barnes
He's got what it takes! - the legendary Lena Horne Tall and self assured... he works a
crowd like a three ring evangelist.
- The Times-Picayune
The instant he appears out of the
darkness and into the spotlight...
the audience is rapt.
- Ebony magazine
Now imagine mesmerizing the crowd
with a powerful voice and the bearing
of a superstar.
- San Francisco Examiner

VOTE HERE for Johnathan Lee Iverson, Nominated for BEST PERFORMANCE IN A MUSICAL and BEST CABARET/CONCERT/SOLO PERFORMANCE 2022 BroadwayWorld (Orlando)

  YOUR VOTES ARE APPRECIATED TODAY THRU DECEMBER 31ST! *Johnathan Lee Iverson in TRAV’LIN: A 1930’s Harlem Musical Romance *Johnathan Lee Iverson in his cabaret The Last Ringmaster: A Musical Journey From Choirboy to the Big Top   What an EXCITING year of theatrical magic making here in the City Beautiful (Orlando, FL). I’ve said it once…
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