In a matter of hours many will gather together for a festivity that allows us to indulge our respective palates and enjoy the company of loved ones. Thanksgiving in many respects is the simplest of holidays, at least for those not tasked with preparing the meal. Thanksgiving is unique in the fact that it sums up all that we really need. It’s not about an array of presents, as is the case during Christmas. It’s not the need to bombard the florist or chocolatier at the last minute as it is on Valentine’s Day. Thanksgiving brings us all to the table (or at least the lazy boy in front of the television for the holiday game). Thanksgiving through the seduction of a generous meal brings us back to what matters most or at least, what should. It’s certainly not things, but rather relationships – the warmth and the knowing of your neighbor. What greater gift is there than to know you are loved?

Today you may gather about that table of plenty weighed down with your particular worries, but, be grateful, as so many more have no place at any table. We all have our own peculiar journey to trek. The challenges of which are subjective. Not everyone has the same route and thus, we must be careful not to judge or covet that which we do not understand. In other words, keep your eyes straight ahead, keep your steps aligned, look neither to the right nor to the left and especially don’t look back. Mind your own business and be grateful. You may not be where you wish to be. You may have had a set back or two. Things for you might even seem bleak and dim, but be grateful, especially if you have a place at the table of Thanksgiving. For in the long scheme of things, what more do any of us really need?

Personally, these last six months have been rather topsy turvy. Work has been scarce, hopes have been dashed, even a bridge or two has been incinerated, but through it all, somehow someway, through the love and mercy of friends, needs continue to be met. Though some desired doors have yet to open or may never open at all, a window or two has been left ajar. Most importantly, my vision as to why any of those hopes and dreams even matter at all couldn’t be clearer; and as I gather with them on this day, around the table of Thanksgiving, there with them my gratitude will be also, at my place at the table.