“Just Do It!” So goes the famous Nike ad from over a decade ago. Like many I’ve spent a great part of my time, significant time lying to myself about the upgrades I’d like to make for myself: spirit, mind, body and vocation. I’d write the plan, even include dates, but alas, nothing. While waiting for “tomorrow” or the “right moment” or mood, that thing or upgrade merely stalls.

A couple of nights ago I finally ended this ridiculous cycle and took the leap. Following the evening show I put on my boxing gloves and headed straight to the full body punching bag that I’ve seen hanging about for a few sweat inducing rounds. Just the other night I actually went a step further and joined two of my colleagues in an intense lower body, cardio routine before proceeding to the punching bag, for another few perspiration inspired rounds.

Like one of those Oprah Light Bulb moments I realized the only “tomorrow” or “right moment” is to Just Do It. Everything doesn’t have to be planned nor does it have to be just right. You’d be amazed by the way the path unfolds with each step, but you have to take the step. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to always have a plan. In fact, everything you need will unfold in its own time at the right moment for you. Just Do It!

It’s Your Dream, It’s Your Voice, Make it Big!

It’s your dream, it’s your voice, make it BIG! It’s Your Dream, It’s Your Voice, Make it Big!

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