This panel is part of CircusTalk’s Wake Up Call for Inclusion series. This, fourth episode, titled Geopolitical Context of Institutional Barriers and Individual Biases in the Performing Arts is CircusTalk’s response to the equality crisis around the world. In this discussion, featuring a diverse group of panelists from around five continents of the World, we intend to explore the geopolitical characteristics of inclusion (be it racial, ethnic, or gender) and its effect and manifestation in the circus arts.

Our panelists were asked to give a short presentation of the root cause of racial, ethnic or gender inequality in their region; describe how it translates to the performing arts, specifically to the circus industry in their region. The second part of the panel is a conversation with our panelists about intersectionality, post-colonialism and allyship and how these concepts translate to the circus community. This episode of Wake Up Call for Inclusion is two hours and twenty minutes.

Moderator: Johnathan Lee Iverson, Ringmaster, Singer and Writer – USA

Panelists: Alsenny Sylla, Circus Artist – Guinea, AFRICA

Tai-Jung Yu. International Affairs Manager, Resident Dramaturg at Formosa Circus Arts – Taiwan, ASIA

Harley Mann, Circus Artist – AUSTRALIA

Rico Jakk, Social Enterprise Re-Educator, Speaker, Coach, founder Dynamix Cic. – United Kingdom, EUROPE

William Forchion, Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Speaker and Educator – USA, NORTH AMERICA

Juno Nedel, Circus Artist and Founder of Grupo Companhia Fundo Mundo – Brazil, SOUTH AMERICA

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