In Center Ring Presents the charming Jenny Vidbel, the celebrated animal trainer and guardian of the Al & Joyce Vidbel Foundation. In this episode Jenny whisk us away into the enchanting Vidbel circus legacy. She shares moments from her beautiful childhood along with her twin, in a multi generational abode on the Vidbel farm, which included her baby sitter, Daffodil the elephant. Jenny recounts her years of toil and struggle away from the industry she loved so; and how she almost gave it all up until a chance phone call changed her life and led her to craft one of the most celebrated performing careers in the circus industry. We also learn of Jenny’s deepest passion, the Al & Joyce Vidbel Foundation and how, along with her amazing animals, it continues in the legacy of its founders to serve children of all ages and abilities.

Learn more about Jenny Vidbel: IG: @JennyVidbel

Al & Joyce Vidbel Foundation: **Website is coming soon** IG & Facebook: @VidbelFoundation