Last night was a much welcomed reminder as to where I need to exist and vibrate at all times. I returned to the big top with The Lone Star Circus Presents Cirque Joyeux Nöel . It’s a jammed packed extravaganza littered with extraordinary talent from around the globe. It’s featured at the Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX until December 25th and at the Dallas Children’s Theater from December 28- January 1.The personnel and the cast are simply wonderful. The professionalism and level of excellence are so very refreshing.

Often times when we are in a season of challenge or transition in our lives, we are tempted to lower ourselves and reduce our standard in the name of false humility, in hopes of getting back in the game. You take that job you really don’t want or pursue some endeavor just to stay active. You might even find yourself susceptible to the enticing schemes and promises of those around you. However, as I recently learned, the hard way, those seasons of challenge and moments of transition have a function that goes beyond our discomfort. They’re there to test our resolve. They also call us to embrace and elevate our standards, not abandon them. They remind us that all that glitters ain’t gold.

Eagles, no matter the circumstances for which they might find themselves have no business chasing crows. Therefore, it is our responsibility to maintain our altitude, in all seasons and at all times. Again, it is terrifically seductive to settle, to fly lower than you once aspired and to take on endeavors that truly don’t call upon your best self. I can tell you from experience, you will pay if you dare to entertain less than what you know you are. You will find yourself being drawn into the company of pariahs. It won’t necessarily be intentional, but alas, eagles aren’t designed to keep company with crows. Thus, you can’t fault the crow for being what it is, no matter how well intentioned it might be and I assure you there are many well-intentioned crows. However, it is your responsibility to distinguish between those people and opportunities that will cater to your altitude or call you higher and those people and so called opportunities that will reduce you.

We are evolutionary beings. Don’t ever be so “humble” that you forget some things or some people simply don’t belong where you are; and quite frankly you have no business meandering among them either. When you’ve dreamed, schemed, worked, and progressed to what you are, why would you dare to allow anyone or anything to call you to something lower? You have an obligation to evolve or you and all that you are will surely become extinct.

Take it from me, you must do all you can, in anyway you can to maintain your altitude. In a season of challenge or transition you will likely feel the burden of maintaining what you know to be best for yourself against the gravitational pull of mediocrity, but take heart – resistance builds strength.